That’s the currently, one man company that I own/work at. It may be small now and the name may even sound stupid but trust me when I say that someday the world will all know the:




If you thought it had to do with animating animals, drawing zoo creatures, or animal super hero comics, I’m sorry to disappoint.

As I write this down I am in the process of making my business official with the help of a group called JumpStart which is in association with the gift of the givers foundation.

These guys are the JumpStart team that came to our school this year and last year.

Lunga(my ex boss) was one of the people who won last year and received the JumpStart package. (A cell phone, business cards, flyers, a banner and some other stuff.

At the time we had been working together as partners but when he got the business officially it made more sense to make him the boss cause he was the one who filled out the form and was called to JumpStart meetings.

Plus the company is called:


When the JumpStart team came back this year I did three things:

1. Quit working for him

2. Got a form to fill out

3. Started working on this…

Is it a bribe I don’t know, but when the JumpStart team comes back for interviews they’ll be happy to receive a printed, framed and complete version of that pic that they can put in their office.

I give credit to Flipaclip, the app I use to do all my portraits and animations. The app that let’s you animate in a page by page method. (Available on the appstore)

Bye, and see you in the next post.😎😎😎😎

visual entertainment

The story

Zuu art studios does a lot a things but it all circles the main idea of having the story of my creation broadcasted through out the world in as many platforms as possible. Novel, comic book, cartoon series and Movie.

A guy’s gotta start somewhere right, so I’m gonna start with a comic book just like how DC and Marvel did.

To summarize the story; It’s about the existence of 21 parallel dimensions known as the Zettaverse. gods, monster’s, humans, the undead and many other species collide in multiple battles for supremacy. The classic battle between chaos and order.

Please support me as I make my dream into reality. 💖💖💖


Animated gifs

(New art stuff)

Basically what we got here is those funny 2 second videos or moving images that I make to amuse myself or sharpen my animating skills.

We got your basic city. Cars going by at high speeds and then Wham! A truck speeds past.

here we have a video of some guy with no face walking walking in a beautiful outdoor scenery. But that wasn’t enough so I decided to assassinate him.

But it’s not the first time I’ve done this :

I guess I just like seeing people get shot.


Cartoon portraits

My opening statement has been made and here is some new art art work:

Stan Lee

Yes it is him, the legendary comic icon. Who better to draw than Stan Lee. He has a well known face and me drawing him showcases that I know what I’m doing.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Wrestling legend, stone cold Steve Austin. The resemblance is uncanny is it not. Most people in the world are wrestling fans and they can be the judges of whether I did a good job or not.

Cardi B

And finally the famous rapper Cardi B.

I’ve featured my top three cartoon portraits in this post.

Please tell me what you think


The rebirth of new art and zuucomics

I’ve tried to do this before but it kinda failed. now I’ve come back to give it another go and this time I won’t stop until I’ve reached the top.

You might recognize the name Zuu comics,

And that is because that was the old website zuucomics (that is still online).

What this website will have different from the first is that it will also feature artwork from my other website Newart (which is still online as well)

To summarize

This website is about my comic book series which I have also turned into a novel for those who like to be guided by words.

This website will also feature the dozens and dozens of my drawings that I draw on my phone. So stick around, this is gonna be interesting.